Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Universidade Federal Fluminense 2009), Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Universidade Federal Fluminense 2011), Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Universidade Federal Fluminense 2015). Visiting Graduate Researcher at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA (2013-2014). Currently, I am a professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Graduate Program of the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Main research interest is on the development of efficient solutions (numerical, analytical and hybrid) for problems in transport phenomena such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer and advection-diffusion problems in general. Experience in Numerical Methods in general, especially using Finite Volumes Method and Finite Differences Method. In the subject of Analytical and Hybrid solutions of PDEs, I have experience using the Classical and Generalized Integral Transform Technique. I have advanced skills is scientific programming, especially using FORTRAN 90 and for the analytical solutions I have vast experience in symbolic computation using Mathematica Software.

If you are interested in working with me, there are the following opportunities: